Published articles on other web sites*

Published articles on other web sites*

Project Silk Drop 8

The patterns & practices Web Guidance team just released Drop 8 of Project Silk. This drop includes bug fixes, more consistent JavaScript and additional test coverage.

Additionally, two guidance chapters are ready for community review:

  • Server-side Architecture
  • Widget QuickStart (updated 5/3/2011)

What is Project Silk?

Project Silk provides guidance for building cross-browser Web applications with a focus on client-side interactivity. These applications take advantage of the latest Web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript 5 along with modern Web technologies such as jQuery, Internet Explorer 9 and ASP.NET MVC3.

To illustrate this guidance, the project includes a reference implementation called Mileage Stats that enables its users to track various metrics about their vehicles and fill-ups. Much of the effort in building Mileage Stats was applied to the usability and interactivity of the experience. Animations were included to enhance the enjoyment of the site and Ajax is used to keep the interface responsive and immersive. A great deal of care was also taken to ensure the client-side JavaScript facilitates modularity and maintainability. To accomplish these design goals, the JavaScript code was structured into “widgets” that benefit from the jQuery UI Widget Factory.


We welcome and appreciate your feedback on the application and book content.

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