Published articles on other web sites*

Published articles on other web sites*

Silverlight & XNA-

As was the story not long ago, devs would look at the image above and see a Silverlight app, it looks like an image overlaid by a text control with another texture of a persons head, nothing too fancy about that.
But now thanks to the World of Mango (Windows Phone 7.1 / 7.5), this image may not be so clear because now we can have Full 3D running in a Silverlight environment and unlike Silverlight 5 on the web, this is Silverlight 4 running on the phone being drawn by an XNA engine.
This sample aims to help educate XNA devs who are interested in this new world of possibility by simplifying visual layout controls that traditionally required massed of extra code to draw boxes, capture inputs and draw text to the screen, in such scenarios as Menus, HUD’s, text displays and such.

Under the covers

(Core Phone Framework which hasn’t changed much)

Now for the first little revelation (which might also come as a shock to most Silverlight Devs), in order to get round the old issue that has been around since the start of the Windows Phone Development platform that states only one framework can draw to the screen at a time (because of how differently the two frameworks function), it should come as no surprise that to get this integration working they had to actually pick just one and go from there.
Now what may be a surprise is that it WASN’T the Silverlight renderer (as an XNA dev, it’s not really that surprising Smile). in an integrated environment using both XNA and Silverlight, it’s XNA that does all the grunt work under the covers, not quite that simplistic but that’s what actually happens, it looks something like this.

(Silverlight Rendering Cycle with XNA)

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