Published articles on other web sites*

Published articles on other web sites*

Silver Diagram SDK

Silver Diagram SDK

Create your custom diagram based application with Silver Diagram. Make a mind map application, create flow charts for your custom projects or develop other solutions.
The Silver Diagram SDK is available for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 and has the following features:
  • Define custom nodes as simple controls and use editors and adorners to manipulate them.
  • Arrange nodes by xaml or code and link them by connections.
  • Add functionality for drag and drop for your applications and support undo and redo.
  • Load diagrams from xml files and save them as well.
  • Export your results as image using ImageTools for Silverlight.


Download the SDK for your non commercial projects for free.
Test our Silver Diagram Application to test how a diagram editor works in silverlight


Buy Silver Diagram for your commercial projects.
Here you can find out pricing information and commercial license. If you are interested in acquiring a Silver Diagram SDK license you can contact us by Mail.


On our CodePlex page you can find learning material, like samples and documentation. To get that samples properly built and running, you can read the howto page, or better you can watch this video from our YouTube channel:
For deeper dive on SilverDiagram product, you can read futher documentation:

What's new v1.1

New release 1.1 comes with many new features:
  • Smart rerouting connectors.
  • Added hierarchical graph layout algorithm.
  • Custom connectors.
  • New undo/redo functionality.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Stabilization and several bugs fixed.
  • Set of samples and start-up articles published.

Silver Diagram Editor


The Silver Diagram Editor demonstrates all features of the SDK and can be also used for custom applications. It is extendable and provides support for different shapes groups like Flowcharts, Sitemaps and Basic Diagrams that we call templates.


Try our Demo now and create and edit your custom diagram.
Click here to try our demo.
Click here to try our demo in fullscreen mode in a seperate window.

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