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Published articles on other web sites*

Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q1 2012 - Batch Operations

Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q1 2012 - Batch Operations:
In previous versions of OpenAccess ORM, configuring large data models could be a bit cumbersome. However, I am happy to say that in Q1 2012 we are adding a new batch operation dialog, which makes configuring data models easier than ever! Using the Batch Operation Wizard, developers can efficiently make updates to several entities, or members, in a single operation!
To launch the batch operation dialog, right click on the visual design surface, and select Batch Operations.
Batch Operations Menu
This menu item launches the new wizard:
Batch Operations Wizard
On the left side of the wizard is a search area. This allows developers to search for entities, or members,
by different criteria. The search results are displayed in the grid in the center of the dialog; by default all items are displayed. Once you select a few items from the center grid, a batch operation can be applied using the panel on the right.
Batch Operations Panel
In this example, I filtered the entities down using the underlying table’s schema. I then moved all of the entities into the namespace Production, and clicked the execute button to make the change. As you can see this affected 25 entities in the domain model.
As I mentioned, this dialog can also do batch operation on members. In the search pane on the left, select the Members radio button. At this point the grid will switch to show all members in the domain model. Once again you can filter them down using various criteria. After you find the members that need modification, select them, and using the right panel apply a batch operation.
Apply Batch Operations
In this example, I searched for all string properties in the ProductReview class, and updated the length property.
When you open the wizard, you may notice that the length column is not visible in the grid. No worries! The grid can be customized to show many different properties. To add/or remove columns to the center grid, simply right click on the header section, and you will be greeted by a handy column picker!
Column Picker
The new batch operation dialog significantly increases developer productivity by allowing domain model changes to be made in bulk. Gone are the days of making changes entity by entity, or member by member!
We hope you enjoy this new feature, and as always we look forward to any feedback you may have!
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Happy Coding!

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